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These principles, a novelty in today’s diluted building construction industry, are never compromised at Rowe-Mitchell. They are integral in the way we approach building construction and have afforded us the opportunity to build hundreds of quality projects throughout our 55-year history in Southwest Florida.
Our extremely solid financial stability enables us to have bonding ability in excess of $10 million dollars, a strong indication of the quality of our projects and our stability as building contractors.
In our more than 50 year history, we have never been litigated against by any client, subcontractor or vendor. We have never had to litigate against anyone.
At the beginning of each project and before construction begins, every building construction need is thoroughly analyzed to ensure the complete scope of work is defined and can be completed on-time and within budget.
All projects are personally managed by senior members of Rowe-Mitchell. This close attention to each project affords us an extremely high level of quality control by individuals with a vested interest in each project.
We don’t like surprise change orders and neither should you! Change orders can significantly alter the scope, on-time completion and cost of a project. Many construction disputes arise from change orders due to discrepancies that focus on whether the substance of a change order is actually new work or whether it was included in the original scope of work. Many construction firms simply bid with a low-bid mentality. That is, the bid is based solely on what is shown on the architectural plans – no further review or research of the plan details and potential hidden issues is completed prior to construction. Then, when issues arise during construction and after the initial pricing phase, a change order must be submitted - thus increasing costs. Rowe-Mitchell believes this is the wrong approach to construction. That’s why our president, Robert Mitchell painstakingly reviews every detail of the architectural plan, project plan, scope, price and timeline before construction begins. This keeps change orders to a minimum, thus allowing for on-time completion and projects within budget.
We deliver what we promise.
Our continued success and more than 50 years of business is what makes Rowe-Mitchell one of the longest running construction companies in Southwest Florida.